Fidelity Insurers Indiana Refund Program

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Who was eligible to receive Credits/Refunds?

Eligible recipients were all consumer purchasers of residential owners or refinance lenders title insurance policies on residential property located in the State of Indiana. No credits/refunds were issued to or shared with lenders or settlement service providers.

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2. How many Credits/Refunds could each Recipient Receive?

Each recipient could receive one (1) Credit/Refund of $100.00 per transaction.

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3. What was the maximum amount of Credits/Refunds issued by the Fidelity Insurers?

The Fidelity Insurers issued $5,034,000 in Credits/Refunds.

Please note that the Program does not permit the Insurers to issue any Credits/Refunds in excess of the Program Maximum. In the event that the Insurers have issued Credits/Refunds aggregating the Program Maximum prior to processing and honoring your redemption request, you will NOT be entitled to receive any Credit/Refund. The Fidelity Insurers Indiana Refund Program has concluded, and no further Credits/Refunds will be issued.

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4. I just received a refund form from my Agent. Will it still be accepted?

The Program Maximum has been reached, and no further Credits/Refunds will be issued.

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5. How do I update my mailing address or request a check reissue?

Please call the toll-free number below and provide your name, policy number, the property address, and a good phone number and time where you can be reached.

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